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Blog: Premises Liability

  • Can I Sue The Landlord If I Fell Down The Stairs?

    June 04, 2024

    Slip and fall or trip and fall accidents on stairs can take place anywhere. If you fall on stairs while visiting a restaurant, a store, or an office building, you know you might be entitled to pursue a legal claim for compensation against the property owner. But if you are injured in a fall down […]

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  • Navigating Premises Liability in Florida: Your Rights Following an Injury on Another’s Property

    December 14, 2023

    In the bustling state of Florida, accidents can occur unexpectedly and happen anywhere. Whether you are walking through a bustling shopping center, dining at your favorite eatery, or visiting a neighbor, there is always a risk of injury due to potential hazards. These incidents can significantly impact your physical, emotional, and financial well-being. It’s vital […]

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  • The Burden of Proof in Slip and Fall Cases: A Florida Legal Guide

    October 18, 2023

    Navigating the aftermath of a slip and fall incident can be daunting. When you’re nursing an injury, the last thing you want to grapple with is the intricacies of Florida law. But understanding the concept of “burden of proof” can make all the difference in successfully pursuing a claim. At DLopez Law Firm, we’re here […]

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  • Warning Signs and Liability for Fatal Accidents in Florida

    June 22, 2023

    In the state of Florida, premises liability law holds property owners responsible for maintaining safe conditions on their premises to prevent accidents and personal injuries. Unfortunately, fatal accidents can occur due to negligence or failure to address warning signs. This article aims to provide valuable insights into the warning signs and potential liability associated with […]

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  • 5 Reasons Hiring a Lawyer After a Slip and Fall is Crucial

    May 02, 2023

    Slip and fall accidents are one of the most common types of personal injury cases. These accidents can occur anywhere, from a grocery store to a sidewalk. While many people may think that slips and falls are minor accidents, they can cause serious injuries such as broken bones, head trauma, and spinal cord injuries. If […]

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